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Horsetooth’d : Verb

We love where we live so much that we created a local brand.


We love the outdoors, we love all the trails and activities. And the people here? Some of the best anywhere.

Love for Design

What keeps us up at night and wakes us in the morning is creating new, local designs. Endless opportunity.

This Place

Our lives are here and we’re lucky to call this place home. We don’t think it gets any better. Beauty all around.


Hi, I’m Rob Benson.

I’d like to give you a little history about why I created Horsetooth’d. I hope it’s not too boring.

How it Started

I really love where I live, it’s right by Horsetooth Park. I mean… I can get to the trails even when the parking lot is full. Cool like that. I created an Instagram account in September 2015 that was devoted to Horsetooth Mountain Park, Horsetooth Reservoir and Lory State Park. The initial intent wasn’t to take any pictures anywhere else. I created the hashtag #horsetoothd pretty early on as a way to get more photos to the feed. I wanted an account that was just Horsetooth pics ’cause there’s so many things to do and places to discover here. And it didn’t take long for a little community to evolve. And with that came the positive response, so much kindness.

Start of a Business

I love design. And ski towns have so many options on wearable designs and stickers to throw on your adventure stuff. Why not Fort Collins and Northern Colorado? We have so many iconic spots that mean so much to all of us. But no real source of wearables for all of the great things this place offers. With this in mind… I think there’s a lot of great shops and brands in Fort Collins, there’s so much love for this place by most everyone who lives here. And several shops have a few items dedicated to right here at home. But it wasn’t their total focus, and that’s by design.

Soooo… I started creating and seeking approval, the response was overwhelmingly positive. On March 3rd, 2016 we made it official. Things have gone great and we’re excited to have solid online sales and a presence in many popular shops around town.

I’m going to keep designing. I can’t stop. Keep a lookout for new designs! And if you have an idea, let me know!

-Rob Benson