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What is it about Colorado that we all love so much? Probably the mountains... or maybe it's all of the breathtaking views, or the people? Whatever your reason is, Colorado is a special place.

We've been making high quality vinyl stickers since 2015 and they're all local specific. Local to the Horsetooth Recreational Area, Fort Collins, Red Feather Lakes, RMNP, and Colorado (the state). You've landed on the Colorado stickers page. Here you'll find unique Colorado designs made by us!

These Colorado stickers are durable, thick, and made of vinyl (resistant to scratches, water, and sunlight). Perfect for your paddle board, water bottle, car, and any other outdoor smooth surface. These stickers are amazing! 

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Colorado Sticker Sizes

Classic Colorado Badge (square) Sticker

Classic Colorado Badge (square)

3" wide x 3" tall 

Classic Colorado Badge Cutout Sticker

Classic Colorado Badge Cutout

3.75" wide x 4" tall 

Colorado Bike Moose Sticker

Colorado Bike Moose

3" wide x 3" tall  

Colorado Burst Sticker

Colorado Burst

4" round
Colorado Mountain Arrowhead Patch Sticker

Colorado Mountain Arrowhead Patch

3.74" wide x 4.5" tall
Colorado Mountain Patch Sticker

Colorado Mountain Patch

3" wide x 4" tall
Colorado Mountain Sign Sticker

Colorado Mountain Sign

4" wide x 4" tall
Colorado Sticker

Colorado C (square)

3" wide x 3" tall
Ski Colorado Sticker

Ski Colorado

3.5" wide x 3.25" tall 
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Fun Colorado Facts

  • People in Colorado are known as Coloradans. However, sometimes Coloradoan is used. 
  • Colorado is home to the world's largest natural hot springs swimming pool (in Glenwood Springs).
  • The name Colorado means "colored red". 
  • 75% of the land area in the US that sits above 10,000 feet is found in Colorado.
  • One third of the land in the state of Colorado is owned by the US Federal Government. 
  • There are 58 peaks in Colorado that are taller than 14,000ft. 
  • Colorado's nickname is the Centennial State. Statehood was established exactly 100 years after the US independence (in 1776). 
  • Colorado is the 38th state in America. 
  • Colorado is the 8th largest state (in terms of land mass). 
  • There are 4 National Parks in Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Great San Dunes National Park & Preserve, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. 


When looking for Colorado stickers, avoid paper stickers or cheap alternatives. You want a vinyl sticker to last for years, quality is important. Finding Colorado decals with unique designs can be tough, if you have an idea on a new design, contact us, we'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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